It used to be that redecorating your kids’ rooms involved moving furniture, painting walls and lots of sweat, blood and tears. Now however, there are plenty of new and easy ways to jazz up your kids’ rooms quickly and cheaply.

Quick Change Products

One quick way of course, is to buy a new set of themed bedsheets and comforter covers. Perhaps a “princess” makeover for your daughter? An exciting “dragons” take on your son’s bunk bed?

Brighten up the walls with a wall decal.  This is a wonderful way to avoid the hassle of repainting. Made with reusable adhesives, they are friendly to use and allow you to fix the mistakes easily – just peel them off and stick them on again!

Done in Just One Afternoon

There are so many designs to choose from, you can let your children select and decide where to place the decals. This is an activity which older kids can even do on their own, and the whole exercise can be completed in just one afternoon. Indeed, it is a relatively inexpensive, interesting and a most worthwhile project for the family!

Adapted from an article first published on 27 Feb 2013 on the Dads for Life Toolbox