Baby showers are a nice way to throw a party for an expectant friend or family member before her actual baby delivery date. It’s a time when the mum-to-be is relaxed and looking forward to the big day, and not yet overwhelmed and exhausted by all the demands that the happy bundle of joy will bring.

Take the traditional “rock-a-bye baby” theme, but do it with a twist – make the “rock” a “rock and roll” baby shower for a much cooler event.

Getting Ready

First, make a list of all the mum-to-be’s best friends and choose a venue. It can be as casual as something you hold in your own home, or if you are more adventurous, renting a function room or finding space in a music themed café nearby.

Create invitations in the shape of old vinyl records. Cut a circle of black card out, and then glue a second smaller circle in the center – blue if you know the baby will be a boy, pink for a girl, yellow, green or any other colour if it’s still a secret. Print invitation details on the smaller circle in the manner of a record label. Hand deliver or post the invitations to your guests, keep track of all the RSVPs!

Decorate your party space. Choose some theme colours. For a Rock and Roll party a choice of black and one other colour usually works. Echo the colours you have chosen for the invitations. If you stick to your theme colours, then even something as simple as putting up lots of balloons and choosing a table cloth in the same colours will go a long way to creating some atmosphere. Print out cards with a stencil of a microphone on it and leave them on the coffee table for friends to write best wishes and share “mummy” advice for the guest of honour. If you have old posters of rock legends, then placing them on your walls is a nice touch.

Onesies Activity

Apart from the usual baby shower gift exchange, plan to have at least one activity which will involve all the guests as well as the mum-to-be. Buy a set of plain coloured onesies and new born baby clothes. Set out fabric safe markers and paints and ask your guests to decorate the onesies with cute quotes, song titles, or rock and roll inspired messages. 

Here are a few to get your creative juices started: Live and Let Diaper, Colic Me Maybe, Rage Against the Mashed Peas, I Love Rock ‘n’ Rattle, Oh my (not so) sleeping child.