Add some mystery to Valentine’s Day. Instead of telling your partner where to meet you for a romantic dinner date, turn the evening into a treasure hunting adventure. A romantic treasure hunt, sometimes also known as a scavenger hunt, comprises of a series of clues which each lead to a new location or clue which your partner needs to solve. If your partner solves all the clues correctly, it will lead to the final dinner date destination and of course, a big kiss from you!

Starting the Hunt

The hunt usually starts with a cute or intriguing first message. It may be a text message which you send via your mobile phone, it may be a mysterious Facebook posting, or even something as traditional as a note left pasted on your partner’s front door in the morning. However it’s delivered, try to make the message fun, creative and challenging.

Leaving Clues

Plan your trail of clues. Depending on how far you plan to go and how much time you think you’ll have, you could arrange to have them all around the house, or you could place them all over Singapore. Each clue can be a riddle which they need to solve in order to find out the location of the next clue. Clues come in all shapes and sizes, here are some interesting ones to use.


If you are hiding your clues around the house, you can try using pictures. Take a really close up picture of the place where your next clue is hidden. Maybe it’s from an unusual angle, or switched up to black and white. Print out the pictures and hide them. Give your partner the first picture at the start of the hunt. As they recognize the items in each picture, they will be able to find each successive clue.

Alternatively, you can send the pictures via your phone. Each time your partner finds the correct location, ask them to send you a picture of what they’ve found, if it matches the clue, you can then send the next picture clue to them.


Couch the clues in riddles. As your partner solves each riddle, the next clue location will be revealed. Another way to do this might be to write them in code and get your partner to play code breaker to decipher the clues.

Adding to the Mission

You can even make your partner complete some tasks for your special event together. You could ask them to pick up a box of chocolates from a certain shop as part of the treasure hunt, or buy drinks or flowers.

Finding Each Other

Pick a romantic venue for your dinner. It could be something as simple as a picnic by the beach, or dinner at the place where you had your first date.