From teaching their children life skills to shaping them into loving and caring individuals, a father’s role is as important as it is irreplaceable. As Father’s Day is around the corner, it is a great opportunity for the whole family to come together and celebrate the love and dedication of a father. Here are some ideas on how to plan a memorable celebration for the world’s best Dad.

1. Bring on the Praises

Every father would love to hear just how much his children appreciate the role he plays in their lives. A simple 'thank you' note scribbled by the toddlers, or a heartfelt tribute from the grown-up children would mean the world to any father. And if expressing these feelings in words seems difficult, a big hug and a kiss on the cheek would make any Dad feel valued.

2. Set Aside A Day for Recreation

For the active, playful and spontaneous Dad, there is nothing he would enjoy more than a day of recreation with his kids. On this Father’s Day, bring the whole family together for a night of board games or online trvia!

3. Cook A Special Treat

Father’s Day is a great opportunity to gather the whole family and head into the kitchen to cook a special meal for Dad. Prepare a spread of his favourite dishes for lunch or, if he has a sweet tooth, prepare desserts! To bring in the day on a special note, he could even be treated to breakfast in bed too.

4. Take Interest in Dad’s Hobbies

Dedicating the day to Dad’s hobbies would make him feel special and give him the opportunity to share his interests with the rest of the family. For example, if Dad loves cars and racing, a trip to a vintage cars showroom or a DIY remote control car race would certainly make his day. If he loves gardening, having the whole family pick up tools and plant some seeds with him is sure to melt his heart.

5. Plan a Surprise Party

A surprise party is a great way to thank Dad for everything he has done for the family. Organise a virtual party, play his favourite music and invite some of his friends to join in too. You could even bring together the grandparents and relatives to honour the generations of fathers in the family. Surely, this will be a night to remember!

For all the love that fathers shower upon their families, they deserve to be appreciated and celebrated. May the whole family come together this Father’s Day to show Dad just how important he is to them. Happy Father's Day!