With their curious natures and their keen interest in the world around them, children are natural scientists. Add the excitement of colourful reactions and the alchemical wonder in any transformation and you have a win-win party formula!

Science Party Providers

So, for a birthday party with a difference, think of organizing a science party! There are several party providers who are able to take care of this for you and cover all the elements that you need. One of these can be found on the Mad Science website, another provider to consider is Whizzkidz. Most science party providers will bring a labs-worth of fun equipment and experiments to a venue of your choice. A “scientist” will then conduct experiments with themes which range all the way from air experiments, bubble, water and dinosaur experiments. Usually a science filled goodie bag is provided so that kids can continue the experience at home on their own.

DIY Science Party Ideas

If you are more of a hands-on parent and would like to try creating your own science party, it’s definitely a great direction to take too!

Choose Your Experiments

First of all, you will need to gather some ideas on useful science experiments. Visit the National Library and borrow books such as: “Kitchen Science Lab for Kids” or “Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments”. Both these books and many others are full of engaging science experiments which do not involve dangerous chemicals and can be created using raw materials which you might have in your house or kitchen. Try the exploding volcano, soap clouds and balancing egg experiments for a really wow factor!

Once you’ve decided on your experiments, get dressed for the part. Find a lab coat, get a pair of crazy glasses, stick some pencils in your hair and set up a demonstration table. Practice your new “science persona” until you feel comfortable with it and confident enough to take your guests through your fun experiment routine.

If the party is for older kids, you could consider printing out different experiments on cards and then getting different groups of children to try them out and demonstrate the experiments to each other.

Prepare Goodie Bags

It’s nice to gift each guest with a small printed card of an experiment they can do at home and include all the ingredients they will need for it. Alternatively, a cute science story is also an engaging gift.

Science on the Table

Of course, the science theme lends itself wonderfully to the buffet table as well. Serve drinks in beakers, set colourful jellies in disposable plastic syringes which kids can squirt into their mouths, fill test tubes with candies. Just make sure that everything is super colourful and that you have food with lots of textures to surprise the kids with!