One smart way you can get the senior members of your family to jump onto the bandwagon of using modern technology and social media is through smartphone photography.

Here are why we think smartphone photography can help break down those walls of technological resistance:

  • People learn best when their interests are engaged.
  • Many seniors desire to retain a sense of nostalgia. Photographs can help them do so, and yet create new memories at the same time.
  • Besides, taking a picture using a smartphone is simple and easy to learn.
  • Furthermore, these photographs can be uploaded onto their social media platforms, thus enabling them to connect with their family and friends. Humanising technology is a good way to nudge them toward digital savviness.

Study has also shown that smartphone photography has a positive psychological effect on individuals.

To further enhance their learning experience, why not couple it with family time and active living? You can organise family outings, even one as simple as a walk in the park, where the younger family members can help guide the seniors on how to spot and snap photo-worthy subjects (including themselves) using their smartphone.

This will, in turn, provide wonderful opportunities for inter-generational interactions and bonding. They can also help teach the seniors how to upload these images onto their social media platforms to share and relive the precious moments with the rest of the family members.