It’s that time of the year again when fathers all around the world are celebrated for their invaluable contribution to their families. Depending on your father’s preferred love language, here are five ways to show him how much you care:

1) Words of Affirmation

You may think the world of your father, but have you ever told him that? Fathers love to feel special too. Tell him how much he means to you in person or write it down in a letter or card. Thank him for teaching you how to ride a bike or swim, or the life lessons he has imparted over the years. Make it clear how much you appreciate his presence and advice. Ladies, take this time to also honour your partner and father to your children by giving him praise where it is due. Sometimes, the family’s love and gratitude are the best gifts to a father.

2) Acts of Service

Sometimes our actions speak louder than words. If your dad shows his love through acts of services, chances are that is also his preferred way of receiving love. Help your dad wash the car or offer to be the driver on your family outing. Make him a special packed lunch to bring to work. Take things off his to-do list and give him more time for himself.

3) Receiving Gifts

Spent half a day making a cute handmade card for dad, only to have him smile and thank you before putting it into a drawer? While you know he appreciates your efforts, sometimes a personalized gift is practical and appreciated. Take some time to figure what your father needs. Perhaps you notice his wallet looks worn-out or he hasn’t bought a single shirt in years. Let your dad know that you notice the little details in his life.

4) Physical Touch

Give your dad a big bear hug to thank him for all that he has done! If the mere thought of that however, makes both of you cringe, surprise him instead with a trip to a specialty men’s grooming salon for a well-deserved pampering session! Too often, our fathers are too busy working hard and putting the family before himself. With options including haircuts, spas, facials and massages, a few previous hours of ‘me-time’ might be all he needs to come out looking and feeling like a new man!

5) Quality Time

Take this opportunity to spend quality time together with dad as a family. Whether you decide to go for a walk, a meal, or plan activities like a picnic or trip to the movies, take this day to shower your dad with your undivided attention. On the other hand, some dads might appreciate the freedom in choosing how to spend the day! Perhaps he simply wants to stay at home watching TV together. Or perhaps there’s a restaurant he would like to try, or he’s in the mood to go bowling. Even if you’re not keen on the activity, go along and make it a point to enjoy yourself because sometimes, all your father wants is to spend quality time with his favourite people.