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As the Chinese saying goes, having an elder in your family is like having a treasure. Grandparents are a blessing to your family. They not only provide emotional support; grandparents can be a source of wisdom too. You can turn to them for parenting issues. And your kids can turn to them too. Chances are, without the barrier of parental control, they will open up. Building a bond with grandparents is great for the family. But as they are getting on in years, going on outings with them might be tricky. However that should not stop the family from forging a closer bond. With a little planning beforehand, it can still be done. Here are some ideas:

The ‘Art’ in Heart

Art and craft sessions are best for family bonding. Not only are they age-appropriate for the elderly, they make great opportunities to nurture creativity in the little ones. Below are some ideas to kick off:
• To avoid scissors and sharp objects for the kids, organise a painting session instead.
• Ask them to paint their favourite family moments and enjoy the chatter.
• Have grandparents and grandkids to guess the moments for each other. This helps them recall shared memories and strengthens bonds for the family.

The ‘Face’ In Facetime

Ideally you would want to organise an activity where you can rope in the whole family. But why not organise a one-on-one activity for only grandparents and grandkids? That way, they can focus on spending quality time together. Storytelling is a good activity for both grandparents and grandkids. Ask them to make a trip to a nearby library and the grandparents can tell stories from your kids' favourite books.

The ‘Good’ In Food

Nothing brings a family together like good food. Again, sharing memories over a meal is a great way to kickstart bonding. Chat about the good old days, bring up your childhood and let the grandparents do the intriguing. Seize the chance for an outdoor bonding activity by organising a family picnic. That way, the family can bond over food and the kids can have a fun time in the open.

Tips on organising a family picnic:

• Choose a suitable location.
• Rope in your kids’ cousin as many family members as you can for a truly family affair. Be creative and draw an invitation with the kids.
• Have a great time!

Grandparents adore grandkids: play a part in strengthening the relationship between your parents and your kids. Bond with them and indulge in family joy to the fullest!