If your mother has a sweet tooth, then indulge her with a surprise dessert buffet. Host it at home and don’t tell her about it. Send her out for the day on a shopping trip with her friends, or ask dad to bring her out to watch a movie. Anything that gets her out of the house for a few hours will work.

Choose a Theme

Try to tie everything together with a theme. Start with a unifying colour scheme. Usually, this should be made up of at least 2, and not more than 3 complementary colours. Then choose a secondary theme such as an ingredient like chocolate, or even a type of cuisine like Nonya or French. Having a theme makes it easy to create a polished and professional event. 

Fill the House with Guests and Flowers

Buy lots and lots of flowers in the colour scheme which you have chosen and arrange them all around the house. Buy them direct from nurseries and gardening centres and you’ll be able to get more out of your budget. 

Invite friends and relatives early. Tell them that it’s a surprise so that no-one accidentally reveals the secret. Gather everyone at least 30 minutes before she’s due to arrive. 

Create a Dessert Table

Dessert tables are all the rage these days. They are actually quite simple to make. First choose a large table. Preferably a long one which you can set against a wall. Cover it with a table cloth in the theme colour for the event. 

Then try and get desserts, candies, cookies, jellies, flowers and ornaments in your colour theme and load the table up. The idea is to present a table which is overflowing with good things to eat, and all in the same colour scheme. If you are a talented baker, make as many as you can yourself, if not, order or buy desserts that you think your mother will enjoy. 

Arrange to decorate the wall behind the table with a banner wishing your mother a happy mother’s day, or several large wall hangings or decorations in the party’s colour scheme.