Yes, literally.

Inject an adrenaline rush with heart-pumping (and heart-stopping) activities! From zip lines to hurdles, here are some of such activities that promise you and your teenagers adventure in every respect!

Forest Adventure @ Bedok Reservoir Park

Known as Singapore’s first and only treetop obstacle course, Forest Adventure offers you various courses, depending on your comfort level and age (from ages 4 and up), to tackle obstacles atop the trees! Try your hand at scaling new heights with your kids on the thrilling obstacle courses.

Megazip Park @Sentosa

Here’s another compelling reason to make a trip to Sentosa. From leaping off a 15m-high platform to zipping across the island, Megazip Park lets you choose your own adventure!

But engaging in such activities is not just thrills and fun. Interestingly, adrenaline has also been known to add the “oomph” to daily routines and help give new perspectives to current relationships. So, parents, you’d be heartened to know that such activities can actually improve the relationship between you and your teenagers.

Here are some benefits that these adventures may bring:

For Your Teenagers

  • Given essential learning opportunities to build courage, overcome fears and doubts, and many others.
  • Get to experience first-hand their parents’/family’s support and cheers while tackling the obstacles. This serves as an ironclad assurance that their family will always have their back in whatever they set out to undertake.
  • Seeing their parents/family in a different light given the different environment they are in.
  • Understand their parents/family better through roughing it out together.
  • This will also provide them with an interesting topic for conversation with their parents/family.

For Your Family

  • Understand your teenagers better—their strengths and insecurities, what makes them tick, their aspirations, and more.
  • Given precious opportunities to equip and encourage them, correct their erroneous thinking, etc.
  • Show them that you are and will always be rooting for them.
  • The family gets closer with shared goals and activity.
  • A good way to get your children off their electronic gadgets, devices or smartphones.
  • Have lots of laughs together.

Definitely an exhilarating way to foster a stronger connection and lasting bond with your teenagers!