Staying huddled indoors for prolonged periods of time limits our access to both physical and emotional space which can influence our moods and increase our stress levels. One of the better-known ways to promote wellness is to immerse ourselves in nature.

But, given the circumstances, how can we get our nature’s fix while bound indoors? Thankfully, research suggests that even if we cannot leave our homes, simply viewing scenes of nature can greatly reduce feelings of stress and put us in a better mood.

So, if you are a nature buff and Covid-19 is cramping your outdoor muscles, here are five virtual tours with stunning scenes of nature that are guaranteed to simulate the outdoor experience you have been craving.

1. The Hidden World of The Natural Parks

Take a virtual walk on the wild side with this 360-degree bird’s eye view of America’s symbolic and remarkable landscapes, seen through the eyes of park rangers from the United States National Parks Services. Click on the interactive buttons as you explore these hidden worlds at every turn and navigate your way through its challenging terrains.

2. Ngala and Djuma Private Game Reserves on WildwatchLive

Go on a virtual drive in the Ngala Private Game reserve, one of the biggest of its kind in the world or through the Djuma Private Game Reserve, well known for its game viewing in Africa. Streamed live from the comforts of your living room on WILDwatchLive, follow the expert guides as they take you through the sights and sounds of these safaris on a three-hour long drive, starting from 12:30pm in Singapore.

3. Watch animals Live in action at The San Diego Zoo!

Missing a visit to the zoo? No problem! Brought to you live from the San Diego Zoo, catch your favourite animals in action – from baboons, to penguins to koalas, to just about any animal you can think of. Witness wild feeding sessions or simply sit back and observe your favourite animals interact with their environments as they go about their day.

4. Mount Roraima, Venezuela– A Climb to the Top!

If you are craving some rock climbing action, let these explorers take you on a wild geological adventure as they scale Mount Roraima in Venezuela – from bottom to summit. Each virtual tour takes you from point to point and through some of the most magnificent geographical formations and unique landscapes that are rich in both flora and fauna.

5. National Marine Sanctuaries – A Virtual Voyage Awaits!

Go on a virtual dive into some of the world’s most protected coral reefs and tiny atolls spanning 600,000 square miles, situated in American waters and Great Lake Waters. Get a 360-degree view of these charming marine sanctuaries! Behold their spectacular beauty as you treat your eyes to the wide marine biodiversity and the habitats of underwater animals.