Art jamming is taking the café culture to a whole new level! Gaining momentum in Singapore over the recent years, this gem of an idea isn’t just for the likes of Picasso or Vincent van Gogh, but is easily picked up and enjoyed by people of all ages.

At these art jam cafés, patrons can engage in free-flow canvas painting with materials provided by the cafes, whilst indulging in the usual delectable café offerings. 

With a unique blend of features, art jam cafes appeal to varying needs and preferences, and can cater to multi-generational families and extended families.

  • For senior members of the family, it is never too late to indulge in such artistic expressions. Besides, studies have shown that art is able to help older folks relax, reduce depression, relieve anxieties and boredom, and raise self-esteem, among  other benefits.
  • For parents, being able to find an activity that interests every member of the family is no mean feat. Here, you can relax with a cup of aromatic coffee, or paint with your children. This is also a way of exposing your children to activities other than on electronic devices.
  • For children, this would be an eye-opening experience, which may spark off a passion and pursuit in the arts.

Check out some of these hip art jam cafés in Singapore.

Before you bundle everyone off to an art jam café, here are some helpful tips to prime your family for this unique experience:

  • Wear something you would not mind getting paint on.
  • No one is born a Master artist so ditch the self-consciousness and paint on!
  • Be bold in exploring the use of colours, textures, etc. Art is after all a creative expression of your individuality.
  • Most importantly, have loads of fun and laughter together! For therein lies the gem in art jamming as a family.