Just off Jalan Bahar you can find one of the last two dragon kilns in Singapore. Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle is the home to one that was built in 1965. Dragon kilns are an ancient type of pottery kiln which was first invented in China in the 5th century. Knowledge of the use of these dragon kilns was brought over to Singapore by the Chinese in the early 20th century. Built of earth and brick, they have a characteristic long and snaking shape – much resembling a sleeping dragon. Fuelled by wood, they can reach super high temperatures of 1400 degrees Celsius and create individually and varied glazes formed by the ash within the kiln.

Apart from the fascinating dragon kiln itself, you can have a lovely afternoon browsing through their vast collection of pottery. These come in all shapes and sizes and you are sure to find that special gift for a loved one here. 

Thow Kwang also runs pottery workshops for adults and children. Visit their Facebook page for updates on their regular events.