Trick Eye Museum hails from the land famous for its Kimchi and K-pop – yes you guessed it right, it's Korea! There are 3 museums within Korea itself at Seoul, Jeju and Busan. For us lucky folks, Singapore is the very first stop of Trick Eye Museum’s foreign venture. The Trick Eye Museum is right at our doorstep - on the island of Sentosa.

Become a Part of the Masterpiece

Now, in most museums, you probably have to tell your kids to be careful and not to touch anything, however, at Trick Eye Museum, it’s just the opposite. In fact, you are encouraged to touch the art installations! Truly, you'll be hard pressed to find another museum that allows you to touch and interact with the artwork on display, and kids are bound to love the freedom of expression they'll be given.

Trick Eye Museum is globally recognised for its art technique in transforming 2D paintings and sculptures into 3D optical illusions. Visitors can stretch the limits of their imagination by photographing creative shots or become part of the masterpiece itself. Throw yourself into the ultimate 3D optical illusion battle as you weave through the 6 themes and 90 optical illusion painting and installations.

Don’t Forget to Bring the Camera!

This attraction is perfect for families to show off their photo-taking prowess and posing skills! Arm yourselves with all the cameras you have, because you'll want to capture the moments where paintings on 2D plain surfaces come alive before your eyes. Photo points are conveniently marked on the ground, guiding visitors on where the best spots are for the perfect photograph.

Special Themes and Singapore Only Scenes

The museum consists of 6 zones in different themes- 'World of Masterpiece', 'Safari Kingdom', 'Star of Circus', 'Dream of Fairy Tale', 'Love in Winter' and 'Adventure Discovery'. Several artworks are designed with elements of Singapore's culture such as horse-racing and also Singapore's most iconic symbol - The Merlion. Classic artworks of Trick Eye Museum such as the ‘Ames Room’ and ‘Magic Table’ are also featured. Want to be part of a famous painting, or see yourself flying without wings? Trick Eye Museum has got you covered, and you're bound to find a favourite.

Also, you will be happy to know that the majority of the artworks in the museum were specially created for Singapore and not seen in the Korean museums. So even if you have been to one of the Trick Eye Museums in Korea, you’ll still find something new and unique in their latest Singapore museum.