Love is in the air! This year, Valentine’s Day falls on the same weekend as Chinese New Year. Couples can expect to relive their romance while still in the midst of Lunar New Year festivities.

With your wallet taking a beating from all those e-angbaos and pricey CNY snacks and goodies, it’s time to give it a rest. But that doesn’t mean you need to stinge on giving your sweetheart a day to remember!

Here’s how you can celebrate being an awesome twosome without breaking the bank:

1. Plan a romantic dinner at home

Recreate the cosy ambience of your favourite posh restaurant at home, complete with a meticulously-planned menu, sparkling champagne and fancy plating.

Save on pricey V-Day set meals outside and splurge on quality ingredients instead. There’re lots of great recipes online for delectable entrées that do not require a monumental effort.

2. Spend the day out—just the two of you

You might see each other every day but that’s not quite the same as spending actual quality time together. Leave the kids at their cousins for an extended CNY visit—they’ll be thrilled—and spend the day with each other.

This is your chance to do long, hot and sweaty activities as a couple minus complaining kids; such as going off-road cycling, taking muddy nature treks, lingering at galleries and museums, or just chillin’ at an old dating hangout.

3. Work on a V-Day project together

What better way to commemorate V-Day than to make something as a couple? If pottery and baking workshops are too run-of-the-mill, how about woodworking or leathercraft workshops? You get to build something from scratch together or create unique handmade pieces for each other.

4. Jazz up the day with little romantic touches

Instead of a spectacular surprise on V-Day, how about going for small pops of delight throughout the day to make your sweetheart smile? Leave small self-made bouquets with appreciative notes to her around the house. Or make his favourite snack and drink and deliver it on a tray.

5. Spend the day with someone who doesn't have a Valentine of their own

You might know someone who has recently lost a loved one. It could be an elderly relative, neighbour or a friend who’s trying to adjust to life on his or her own. Try dedicating some time on Valentine's Day to brighten up the day of someone who really needs it. It gives greater depth and meaning to a day that is about celebrating love.

There are a hundred and one little ways you can let your other half know how thankful you are that he or she is part of your life—one way is to reaffirm your love through Families for Life “I Still Do” event happening on 22 February to 21 March 2021.

Be inspired by stories of couples whose love has endured through the different seasons in their lives and discover useful resources and articles on how to keep your flame burning bright.