Who says that theme parks are only for teenagers? Spend your anniversary at a theme park and feel the thrill and rush of being young at heart. There are quite a few theme parks in the region, but if you want to consider something close to home, then Universal Studios Singapore® in Sentosa could be lots of fun.

Going to the theme park gives you lots of opportunities to forget about your daily life and to express yourself openly. After screaming yourself breathless on a roller coaster or losing yourself in a show, it becomes so easy and natural to reach out, hold hands and have an open discussion. The adrenaline rush may make you see things differently and it will certainly make you experience things differently. Thrill rides give you the physical effects of fear, which is immediately translated into excitement and joy when the ride is over – usually channeled towards your partner in fear (aka your date). What better way to rekindle your romance on your anniversary?

Besides the thrill rides, there are street shows, dining options and many other attractions spread out across 7 themed zones.

Best of all, if you pick the right day, a theme park date could end with a brilliant fireworks display! What better backdrop could you have to share a kiss than that?