Wondering what to do with your active kids at a shopping mall? Is there really a way to combine retail therapy with outdoor activities for your children? Well, Westgate Wonderland might just be the solution you’re looking for.

Nestled on the 4th level of Westgate Shopping mall, Westgate's Wonderland is akin to a mini-theme park for kids to do what they are always told not to do: run around in the mall. The Fantasy Garden themed wonderland has different play areas that cater to kids of different ages.  And the best part? Admission is absolutely free!

Climb a Bouldering Wall

Working off their boundless energy will be easy. The first thing your kids will see at the entrance of the Wonderland, is the bouldering wall. Here kids can attempt to be little rock climbers as they conquer the wall and warm up for more fun inside.

Explore a Tree House

The star of the Wonderland has to be the Tree House, a dream come true for all kids. Being able to climb up a tree, being taller than the rest of the world, now that's a great feeling!

The 10m Tree House itself is a giant play structure with climbing nets that criss-cross the insides of the tree trunks. A little suspension bridge connects the tree house to another smaller play area. Right at the top of the tree house, there is a slide where kids will be able to slide all the way down to where they started. The fun does not stop here. Just next to the Tree House is a structure of a broken flower pot with a world of climbing fun within! As this area is smaller compared to the Tree House, it is easier to monitor your kids’ movements.

Splashing Fun at the Water Play Zone

With Singapore's hot and humid weather, don't we all wish that we can be cooled down by a huge watering can? Another highlight of the Wonderland is its wet play area. With a giant watering can that showers water down constantly, and water fountains on the floor that seem to be playing peek-a-boo, kids and their parents can cool down and have fun even in the sweltering weather.

If you're hesitant about leaving the mall dripping wet, don't fret just yet. The Wonderland has a special blow-dry room and a changing room so your kids can leave the place as fresh as a daisy.

Play in a Giant’s Garden

As you enter the 5 and below play area located near the entrance of the Wonderland, be greeted by huge droopy bluebells that make sounds when you touch them and spinning flowers with reflectors above. As you head further in, you will find some colourful critters lying around. These are big enough for kids to climb onto them and perhaps pose for a photo!

And what is a playground without some swings? The playground also has 2 huge pumpkin swings, big enough to fit 2 kids each.

When night falls, the entire wonderland comes alive with lights and special effects, transforming the Wonderland into a calming sanctuary.

Westgate Wonderland does get quite crowded on weekends, so do go early to avoid heavy traffic. After all, everyone wants to have some fun!