Pottery has gone beyond its functional purposes to providing everyone, skilled or unskilled, with an opportunity for creative expressions. Suitable for all ages, this clay-making activity boasts life-changing benefits to both individuals and families alike.

One such benefit is that families can engage in what could be a potential family hobby, while sharing a good laugh, exchanging relevant tips, and having loads of fun together.

Other benefits, specific to different age groups, include:

  • A golden opportunity to unwind and get a respite from the daily juggles in life, while spending quality time with their families is a win-win for the parents.
  • The pottery environment is not overly stimulating for the children, thus helping them to learn at their own pace. Even hyperactive children are reportedly occupied with this activity for a long period of time! What’s more, being able to have a say (and hand) in their own creation can help give the children’s self-esteem a well-deserved boost.
  • Pottery will not only give the senior members of the family an interesting experience, it also provides health benefits, such as improving hand-eye co-ordination, boosting mental function and concentration, and so much more!

Interestingly, pottery can now be an inclusive activity for family members with mental health issues. At Center Pottery, they worked with prominent psychologists to create a structured therapeutic curriculum by infusing modern psychology and clay art. Center Pottery’s goal is to share the pottery experience with all, both the general public and people with mental health issues, so as to improve their “mental health, well-being and resilience, and find joy and inner peace”.

Furthermore, as a social enterprise and a part of the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise’s (raiSE) LeapForGood program, all proceeds from their regular workshops and sale of their handmade ceramic wares go toward funding their special clay programs to help people with mental health issues, terminally-ill patients, the elderly, the underprivileged, and more! Visit their website for more information on their pottery programs and social efforts.