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Despite the complexity and demand of motherhood, mothers will still look at their child and say, “no matter how old you are, you will always be my baby.” The mentality to always protect, nurture, accept, understand, teach, and love her child will never waiver.

We asked Singaporeans to share their thoughts on the role of mothers. What does their mothers mean to them?

Mothers are Real-Life Superheroines

She puts on her cape to nurture, protect and care about her family, doing it all with beauty and grace. Like superheroes, they want to save everyone else and put others’ needs before their own, seldom ever say no and take on every challenge that comes their way.

“My mother is my everything. I had no one else to rely on from a young age. But she has always been there for all my milestone, cheering me on and telling me how proud she is of me. She is the best superwoman the world will ever see.”
Miss Yin, 25 years, Architect

“Mothers are the greatest superheroes in the world that shower us with unconditional love!”
Miss Woo, 23 years, Executive

“Mothers are modern day superheroes. From helping us find lost items that always seem impossible to be found, to solving all sorts of life’s problems - all without any complaints.”
Miss Loo, 25 years, Media Executive

“Mothers are superheroes. They manage to juggle so many responsibilities but try their best to hide their weakness and tiredness. They make it look so easy! I truly appreciate every single moment that I get to spend with my mother.”
Indu, 23 Years, Audit Assistant

Mothers Are Our Best Friends

Mothers are nurturing and will always take our side during our bad times, cheering us on and listening to our complaints. She is the one you know you can call when everything is going wrong. You know that she will always be there for you to comfort you and accept you for who you truly are.

“Mothers are not only your parents, they are your best friends too! I may fight or argue with my mother but we still look out for each other. I love my mom!”
Lara, 11 years, student

“My mother is my best friend. Despite the busy, different lives we are leading because of the nature of our work, we will always find time to share heartfelt conversations. She is always willing to lend me a listening ear and give me advice whenever I need.”
Miss Leo, 23 years, Marketing Executive

“Although I speak and meet with my mother less frequently in recent years due to our hectic lifestyles, she’s still always the first person I call up to talk about my day. Whether she’s swamped with work or at one of her many dance rehearsals, she always makes time to be there for me. It’s this quality time that we spend together, online or otherwise, that makes our bond so special.”
Miss Chan, 23 years, graduate

“I’m blessed to have my mum as my best buddy!”
Ms Sim Jun-Lynn, 36 years, Mother of 4

Mothers are Life’s Silver Lining

Her strength reminds you that there is hope in every desperate situation. She gives you the support you need and uplift you whenever you need a little boost. When her child gets sick, she will always be there to ease the discomfort. When her child falls, she will be there to pick him or her up, and wipe away their tears. She nurtures and love their children unconditionally.

“Mothers are inspiring. They work hard to provide the best they can for their child without expecting anything in return. They will persevere throughout stressful family affairs and life’s ups and downs. This strength of theirs is my source of inspiration and encourages me to push through difficult times.”
Mrs Leo, 55 years, mother of 2 kids

“Mothers are like the light in a dark tunnel. No matter the circumstances, they will take time out of their busy schedule to give their children advice and guide them through life. They try to make us smile and be right there to catch us before we fall.”
Mrs. Lie, 48 Years, mother of 2 kids

“I believe that the role of mothers is to lead us to a future full of love and hope, and to let them show us all the beauty we possess inside.”
Miss Xiao, 30 Years, Educator

Mothers are Lovable Jack-of-All-Trades

Mothers go the extra mile to juggle work, activities, housework and everything in between. She saves the day when diapers get dirty, calm the baby down, gets dinner served promptly on the table, and help children with their homework or life struggles through multitasking or delegating. She’s at home pandering after each child, managing the household, she’s at work managing successful projects, spends time with her girlfriends, takes time to visit relatives and organise birthday surprises and parties, the list is endless…

“Mothers...what can’t they do? They are teachers, nurturers, caregivers, chefs, counselors, disciplinary masters, and the list goes on! I will always be eternally grateful to my mother!”
Shanelle, 24 years, Student

“Mothers are more than just the roles we play. To others: daughters, daughters-in-laws, sisters, wives, grandmothers, employees & friends. To our children: multiple roles at the same time - cooks, 'maids', confidant, nurturer, refuge, role model, educator, disciplinarian. Above all, it is the daily choice of undying love for those around her. A glimpse of heaven on Earth.”
Madam Yip, 55 years old, mother of 2

Mothers are Our Guardian Angels

Mothers are always watching over us, protecting and guarding us. Mothers nag when they worry because like guardian angels, they love us despite all our mistakes and imperfections. In fact she would be the first to compromise her comfort and happiness to fend off the malicious and unpleasant advances of others to protect her child.

“Mothers possesses a maternal diligence. They will always be there to guide their children’s dreams and hope that they will flourish as a giving member of society. The nobleness of motherhood starts when she makes a home out of a house when she use her love to protect her family. A mother’s love comes from a heart that does not sleep.”
Ms. Ju-Ann Thong, 35 years, mother of 3 kids

“I honestly think that mothers are the backbone of all families! What would we do without them?”
Grace, 25 years, Student

“My mother is my role model. The whole world can criticise me. But as long as she tells me that she is proud of me, I will always strive to do better.”
Ricky, 25 years, Entrepreneur

“Mothers are affectionate, nurturing champions!”
Mrs. Lee, 36 years, mother of 3

“Mothers are the flowers 💐 in my hair..”
Natalie, 7 years, student

“Mothers love their child more than their child would ever know.”
Mr. Chong, 23 years, Engineering Associate