Water has been identified as a precious and scarce asset in Singapore. Visit the Sustainable Singapore Gallery at Marina Barrage and learn more about how Singapore collects, cleans, uses and makes the most of this resource.

There are 6 galleries to explore at the Sustainable Singapore Gallery (SSG). Admission is free and guided tours are available. Each gallery explores a different aspect of Singapore’s sustainable water story. 

Tour the Galleries

Start at Gallery 1 and learn about the environmental challenges which we face today and how they impact our water supply. A special feature wall made of NEWater bottles showcases NEWater and its role in helping Singapore conserve and recycle water through advanced membrane technologies.

The next gallery shares the story of how Singapore transformed the Singapore and Kallang Rivers from their choked and polluted conditions in the 1970s into today’s clean and beautiful waterways.

Make sure you stop by the other galleries to see how the marina barrage works to help us to manage our water supply.  Learn about the Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters Programme (ABC Waters) which was launched by PUB to continue Singapore’s initiatives to create ideal waterways across the country.