Make your mother feel like the star that she is by guessing what her secret wishes are and then granting them!

Get the Family Together

The first thing you need to do as a family is to figure out what mum’s secret or not-so secret wishes are. Call a family meeting and brainstorm together. Everyone, young and old should get involved. Write down all the wishes that you think mum would love to have fulfilled and sort through them together. Choose at least one wish per family member – more, if you think you can grant them!

Make Her Wishes Come True

Look at all the wishes and think of ways in which you can make them come true. For example, if  you think that mum would love to be greeted with flowers when she comes home each day, you might agree on setting up a budget to buy flowers each week and have one member of the family responsible for buying and arranging them on the dining table for her to see each time she enters the house. Or perhaps, you think that she would love to find time to exercise? Then have a family member become her coach and exercise buddy and set up a regular workout time together. Perhaps she would like to have a night out with friends regularly? Arrange for monthly “babysitting” duties if there are young children in the family so that she can find time for a girl’s night out each month.

The important thing about making her wishes come true, is to try and find a way to fulfill them regularly and often during the course of the year. So, commitments to do something every day or each week or month for a whole year will mean that these gifts are truly enduring.

Package Those Wishes!

Buy helium balloons in the shape of stars and tie a card with her wish on each balloon. Then add another card explaining how you plan to make that wish come true. Decorating the cards and making them look like “wish coupons” can be a fun way to go with this. Then hide the stars around the house. When she wakes up in the morning, surprise her by granting her a wish with each star that she finds.