What is Zorbing? The idea is simple. Two people are securely harnessed inside a sphere made entirely of plastic (Zorb ball), which is then pushed down a hill. Participants are sent head over heels; the transparent plastic allowing them a view of their surroundings as they spin round and round.

The ride is intense, thrilling and a little scary but this is only because every twist and turn going downhill is magnified for the user. Zorbing takes place almost exclusively outdoors, so it is perfect for families who have a love for adventure and the outdoors.  

Is Zorbing Safe?

The Zorb ball is cushioned by two feet of air which itself is inside a larger inflatable ball and is completely safe. Users are strapped securely by safety harnesses and instructors are always on hand to supervise all activities.

How Do You Zorb?

One of the first things you’ll notice is the variety of activities offered here in Singapore. Younger children should probably start with Harness Zorbing as it is the safest option among the three.  The ride downhill is made with two people securely strapped inside the ball. With two people stuck together in an enclosed space, it provides the perfect opportunity for a little bonding time with your partner.

For the more adventurous souls in the family, give Hydro Zorbing a try. Take Zorbing, add a few litres of water, remove the safety harnesses and you get double the fun. This is however, not for the faint of heart!

Freeform Zorbing is the middle ground for those who refuse to be restrained by safety harnesses but also don’t fancy getting wet. Families can divide themselves into teams here to play games like soccer and Zorb wrestling. 

Zorbing as a Family

Zorbing is designed to help families with children work together to overcome obstacles and tricky paths. Co-ordinate your next move as a family! Use your bodies to roll back to the starting point or down a particularly tricky path. It may sound simple but it is a challenge that requires teamwork and coordination from the whole family. 

Whichever option you choose, zorbing is a whole new way to experience the outdoors in Singapore. For those who would like to try something a little different, it provides an unusual but fun way to spend time with the family.