Most of us want to live out our retirement years effortlessly, with financial independence to enjoy quality living. Therefore, practising financial wellness should be done regardless of age and time to ensure that we have a comfortable retirement nest egg.

Financial wellness is about having an understanding of your financial situation and taking care of it in preparation and anticipation of any financial changes.

The emphasis is not on being wealthy but on planning and controlling your finances.

Stretching Every Dollar

  1. Use public transport and make full use of concessions for seniors.
  2. Invite your peers over for pot-luck instead of frequenting restaurants.
  3. Explore social activities and courses at CCs or VWOs.
  4. Make or bake gifts instead of buying.
  5. Visit free attractions island-wide.

You can make comfortable retirement a reality with prudent budgeting and sound financial planning. At the same time, do not forget to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and strike a balance between social activities and meaningful private time.

Republished with permission from Council of Third Age.