Maintaining a strong social support network is the beginning of a life of adventure and pleasure during the retirement years with plenty of social get-togethers and fun.

Be Social

A socially well person lives in harmony with the environment and the community, and is one who takes an active role in the community and encourages effective communication among community members.

Volunteering is a step in the direction of social wellness because it gives you a sense of satisfaction and purpose. Many more avenues abound for seniors to increase their social circle and add value to living:

  1. Have Fun: Visit art galleries and museums, catch a movie or play, dine with family and friends or pamper your grandchildren.
  2. Hobby: Pick up a hobby you previously wanted to pursue, such as gardening, quilting or learning a foreign language.
  3. Involvement: Tap your expertise by getting involved in voluntary welfare organisations.
  4. Low-Impact Sport: Find good exercise and companionship in a leisurely sport such as golf.
  5. Travel: Join a tour group and make new friends while visiting your dream cities.
  6. Technology: Learn to be technologically savvy to stay in touch and entertain wherever you go.

Surely age is just a number, so keep on learning and stay connected.

Republished with permission from Council of Third Age.