Occasional memory lapses are normal. However, when the occasional forgetfulness becomes a recurring event, your cognitive ability is showing signs of deterioration. Therefore, you should engage in activities that challenge the mind to be creative and to solve problems to stay mentally sharp in old age.

Intellectual wellness is acquiring knowledge and skills such as learning new things through formal training or through taking up a hobby. In doing so, one's knowledge is expanded and one's ability to be creative and think rationally is improved.

Boost Brain Power

According to scientists, our brains are continuously making new neurons throughout our lives which help prevent loss of power to think properly, to learn and to memorise effectively, and a proven approach to keeping the mind alert and active is to engage in creative pursuits and intellectually stimulating activities.

Stimulate Your Mind

  1. Keep Your Brain Busy: Improve creativity by exploring different possibilities and consequences; train cognitive memory by memorising your grocery list or phone numbers.
  2. Increase Omega Fatty Acid Intake: Boost intellectual stamina by eating omega-rich flax, hemp seeds and fish.
  3. Engage in Debate: Practice your quick-thinking skills, logic and creativity by arguing the pros and cons of an issue with friends or colleagues.
  4. Learn Something New: Stimulate your creativity and concentration by learning a new language or a musical instrument.
  5. Play Stimulating Games: Improve your strategising skills by playing golf, pool, chess, or by solving puzzles.
  6. Read Often: Exercise your cognitive skills and increase your knowledge and vocabulary through reading regularly.

Republished with permission from Council of Third Age.