Jane from Kids.Joy.Home shares her quick and delicious chicken macaroni soup that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

By Jane Ng


  • Quarter/half chicken, chopped into small pieces for faster cooking (A quarter chicken was enough for us as I was planning to shred the meat)

  • Assortment of vegetables: 1 large yellow onion, half a China Wongbok(type of lettuce?), 1 tomato, 1 carrot, 2 potatoes, three thin slices of ginger, one small tin of button mushrooms

  • Water or chicken broth filled to 2/3 pot full. Ensure it covers the ingredients.

  • Pasta (macaroni or other preferred shapes).

  • Salt to taste; spring onion to garnish


  1. Chop or dice all the ingredients, place the chicken at the bottom of the rice-cooker and lay the remaining vegetables on top. Add water or broth and press cook!

  2. I took just 10 minutes or so to chop the vegetables as the chicken was pre-cut. I'm thinking you can also add in an uncut quarter chicken and it would be fine. This is how it looked before I added water.

  3. The best part was to see it bubbling happily in the stove after I returned from picking Shannon. The soup was almost three-quarter way to the top so I decided to add the macaroni in there to cook so save on washing. I think I would boil it separately in future so we would have more soup, as Shannon loves her soups. I didn't use chicken broth nor salt as we are used to bland food. But if you prefer it more tasty, adjust the ingredients to taste. :)

  4. I love to add lots of spring onion in my soup, the kids – not so much.

Article first appeared on Kids.Joy.Home on 24 Sep 2013. Republished with permission.