Most men are prepared to expect big changes when their wives go through pregnancy. We all anticipate the arrival of the baby bump, the first kick we get to feel and have even read up on what to do to help with morning sickness and when the “safe” period for travel should be. 

But there are a few changes which many women experience which might take you and your wife by surprise. Here are some of them.

1. A Heightened Sense of Smell

Almost all pregnant women will develop a heightened sense of smell. All scents, no matter how faint, will appear much stronger. In fact, studies have shown that this keen sense of smell might be linked to morning sickness. Help your wife by airing out your rooms frequently and filling them with scents which she likes.

2. Frequent Trips to the Loo

As your wife’s pregnancy progresses, the baby’s position may put increasing pressure on her bladder. This means more trips to the loo, during the day and also at night. 

3. Nesting Instinct

To many men, the nesting instinct is a foreign term which would likely never afflict them. Women on the other hand, may experience a very powerful urge to prepare their residence for the new baby during pregnancy.

This could mean a strong urge to clean the house or a particular area. As the due date draws even closer you may find your wife becoming increasingly diligent with her cleaning. Try to help her and make sure that she doesn’t overexert herself.

4. Connecting with Baby 

Your wife will seek ways to connect with baby. Sometimes this involves touching and patting her tummy in an unconscious desire to bond even before birth. 

5. Mood Swings

Husbands, while you may have heard plenty of stories about mood swings, you can never be prepared enough for it.

These mood swings can be very similar to premenstrual mood swings, and if your wife already suffers from these during her regular cycle, she may have more of these during her pregnancy. Your wife may go from feeling happy and cheerful to tears all within a minute. This tends to happen more frequently during the early and later stages of her pregnancy. Try to be as sensitive and supportive as possible. 

6. Excess Salivation

Your wife may produce much more saliva during pregnancy. Try to be sensitive about this and always have a glass of water on hand to help her through any embarrassing moments. 

7. Snoring

You may be surprised that your wife suddenly starts to snore in her sleep, things are likely to return to normal after baby arrives. 

8. Feeling Hot

During pregnancy, your wife’s basal metabolic rate goes up as her body works harder to sustain both her and the baby. This often means that she will feel warmer than usual. Be ready to turn the air-conditioner on high and the fans on maximum. 

9. Weird Dreams

As a result of all the fluctuating hormones, emotions and stress that come with pregnancy, your wife can end up having pretty intense dreams. Some dreams may be nonsensical and whimsical while others can be vivid and emotional. 

10. Food Cravings

This one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy and probably one of the few which women enjoy about pregnancy. Food cravings are common and while everyone has heard of it, the type of food your wife may crave for may sound strange to you. No one knows why pregnant women crave for food they may never have eaten or disliked eating before, but we do know it is never wise to say no to a hungry pregnant woman.