When it comes to love, relationships and marriage we all have a choice. Unlike the family you are born into, the talents which you are or are not gifted with, and the manner of your death, in this day and age, we get to choose who we decide to invest in emotionally, who we have a serious relationship with and, at the end of the day, who it is that we choose to marry and start a family with.

So, before you commit yourself, make sure that your relationship fulfils you in at least 10 ways.

1. Trust 

Every great relationship is founded on trust. You need to trust each other not only with your feelings, but also with your security, your future and eventually even the future of your children. So, if you can’t even trust your partner with the little things in life, how will you be able to trust each other with the big ones?

2. Humour

A sense of humour is not only attractive but it also helps you to overcome your differences, smooth over any tensions you have and overcome the problems and setbacks you may experience. An ability to laugh together energises, unites and allows both of you to see something from a new perspective.

3. Passion

Knowing that your partner loves you, finds you irresistible and is very attracted to you are an important part of any relationship. 

4. Excitement 

Sharing the excitement of trying something new, embarking on adventures and learning things together is part of what makes every relationship fresh. New experiences also allow your relationship to develop and mature, so if you don’t feel excited about trying new things together, it will be hard for you to grow as a couple in the future. 

5. Unconditional Love

You deserve to have someone by your side who will always support you and love you for who you are. You need to know that your partner has seen you at your worst, and still thinks that you are the best person for them to be with. This type of love will see you through thick and thin. It will enable you to pick yourself up from your worst set-backs and give you the strength and faith to carry on. 

6. Compassion

Kindness and understanding in times of crisis are the bedrock on which many a relationship is built on. Without compassion, there can never be forgiveness, without forgiveness, your relationship can never have longevity. We are human, we all make mistakes and we all go through times of personal devastation. A compassionate partner allows us to regain our dignity and our sense of self-esteem.

7. Respect

Mutual respect is important in every relationship. When your partner respects you, it means that they value and your wishes and feelings. 

8. Honesty

When all the conditions above have been met, you have the ability to be honest with each other without being hurtful and with the best interests of each other at heart. This kind of honesty allows you to grow and become better as individuals and also as a couple.

9. Freedom

You should never feel that your partner is holding you back. Being together should mean that you are able to do more than you thought you could ever do. You should not feel stifled, or that you cannot be yourself or that you need to sacrifice your hopes and dreams to be together.

10. Happiness

You should feel happy when you are together. Even if you have all the qualities listed above, if your partner doesn’t know how to make you happy and if you don’t feel happy together, then this is unlikely to be a relationship which you should choose to be in over the long term.

So there you have it, 10 things that you deserve in your relationship and which your partner deserves from you too!