Admittedly, the grandparenting role can be as daunting as the parent’s. Especially when you’re a newbie in this area.

Child-raising methods have evolved a fair bit over the years. How you cared for and raised your children decades ago may no longer be relevant to the present. Baby toys and gadgets, technology and education have all advanced, and being well-versed in the knowledge of these aspects are essential to raising a child in this 21st century.

But fret not — with time, patience, understanding and open communication — your grandparenting journey will soon be a breeze, and an even more fulfilling one.

For a start, it’s a good reminder to always view your grandchildren as your son’s/daughter’s children. Extend your support and understanding to your children by respecting their parenting styles and methods. Here are other ways where you can weigh in on:

  • Offer advice without dictating. Your children will appreciate and value your sound counsel  more if they don’t feel like you are interfering.
  • Help out in the caregiving of your grandchildren, depending on your comfort level and your children’s needs. It’d be good to have a discussion beforehand to understand your role viz-a-viz their expectations.
  • Respect your children by not undermining their authority in front of their children.
  • Being the senior member of the family, pass on your legacy with family stories, impart values, etc. to your grandchildren.
  • Take time off for yourselves by engaging in activities that you enjoy. Leading an active lifestyle puts you in a better position to help support your children and grandchildren.

Ultimately, maintaining a harmonious family relationship is far more important than anything else as it brings about long lasting benefits for the entire family.

Lastly, here are some bonus grandparenting tips from Health Promotion Board, Singapore!

Check out these quick tips to learn how healthy feeding can better support your grandchildren’s healthy development! Want to test your knowledge on these healthy habits? Try their quiz:

HPB Grandparenting Tips Image