Looking for an outdoorsy sport for junior that combines strategy and skill? Start with mini golf!

Golf requires physical activity (lots of walking) but is not as injury prone as contact sports. The game also promotes analytical thinking and builds discipline. Best of all, it’s a sport that can be enjoyed together with the whole family.

There’s no better way to learn the game than to start ‘em young with these mini-golf venues. Book a slot and bring the family down for an afternoon of swingin’ good fun!

Champions Golf

Singapore’s only outdoor mini golf, Champions Golf has designed a kid-friendly course that offers varying levels of difficulty. Choose from the easier “Fruit Loop” course or challenge your child on their “Dragon” course.

Kids learn to putt on high-quality astroturf in a specially landscaped area with gently undulating terrain and even water traps! Champions is open seven days a week and you can even book them for birthday parties or playdates. If junior falls in love with the game, you can consider signing them up for their Junior Academy.

Kulnari Mystery Golf

Kulnari Mystery Golf is as the name suggests – a mini-golf experience set within an immersive mystery story. Step back into Boat Quay in the 1920s and put on your detective hat to solve a strange occurrence at the Kulnari Trading Company, all while playing through an 18-hole course.

If your family loves puzzles and mysteries, this is a one-of-a-kind opportunity to put your heads together and collaborate to collectively solve an elaborate riddle!

And as a bonus fun extra…

The Par Club

While not strictly mini golf, The Par Club has putt together a family experience in the form nof a variety of games. Choose from bowling, darts, popping balloons – and yes, a putting skee for junior to practise his swing – for an afternoon of fun.

Happy hole-in-one!