Chinese New Year, 春节 (chun jie) or Spring Festival has always been a chance for family members to come together to bond and celebrate, so how about going that extra mile to bring your loved ones closer in a blaze of New Year fun? As the time of oranges and red packets approaches, let’s give some of these popular traditions a try to spice up the festivities!

1. Cook up a feast together

One of the most looked forward Chinese New Year (CNY) activities is the coming together of the whole family to cook a sumptuous meal to celebrate, so why not carry on this custom? Traditional foods may be customary for CNY feasts, but for an easy and family-friendly dish, look no further than lo hei that even children can help prepare. Go healthy with this Rainbow Yusheng Lo Hei recipe! Whether it's during Chinese New Year visitations or meeting extended family, cooking together is a way to know one another better, and you will get a great meal out of it too. So put on your apron and rope in the clan for an unforgettable meal!

2. Send well wishes with some New Year cards

One notable feature of Chinese New Year celebrations are the wishes for happiness, peace, and health for friends and family at this time of year. How about engaging the family by writing Chinese New Year greetings on cards for friends and relatives? This is a wonderful craft opportunity that both children and adults can enjoy, so be sure to get the whole family involved with paper and markers. Of course, each greeting has its own meaning, so it would be an inspiration to decorate accordingly. For example, wishes for wealth and treasure would warrant getting out the glitter and drawing some coins. The creative opportunities are endless!

3. Paint the house red with CNY décor

Chinese New Year is an opportunity to make the house look festive, so let your family try their hands at making some decorations! This is a perfect chance to bond with your children as you get to spend time with them with a cool activity while getting the house ready for your festivities. There is a whole array of fun crafts you can try, from lanterns to origami animals which will lend a festive air to the home for sure. As 2023 is the year of the rabbit, a few bunnies would be fitting, aside from the usual fish and pineapples, but really, whatever you enjoy will do. Break out the glue and scissors for a time of creative joy!

4. Time to brighten up

Legend has it that exploding firecrackers helped chase away the mythical Nian monster one Chinese New Year’s eve long ago, so let’s follow in the footsteps of the fable and light up the night before New Year! Sparklers are a family-friendly way to partake in the flashy side of New Year festivities, unlike fireworks or firecrackers they can be held safely by hand while still lighting up a shower of sparks and light. Just make sure to follow basic sparkler safety rules and you’ll have a great way to enthrall the family. You could also visit the annual Chinatown Chinese New Year Street Light up, view some stunning lantern displays at the River Hongbao at Gardens by the Bay, or catch a public firework display, and you can be sure this Chinese New Year will be burned into the minds of the whole family.