If it’s one day kids deserve a break, it has gotta be Children’s Day! Falling on Friday 8 October this year, it’s a perfect start to a nice long weekend spent with the family.

Here are 4 ideas on how to make that day extra special for the kids before exam season starts!

1. Bust out classic games like Uno and Snakes & Ladders

Board game lovers are spoilt for choice with the variety of games and puzzles available these days. How about introducing your offspring to the ones you spent hours playing growing up? Rediscover timeless table games like Snakes & Ladders, Aeroplane Chess or Cluedo together as a family. Don’t forget card game classics like Uno, Snap, Old Maid and Happy Family. You may even want to break out nostalgic favourites like chapteh or the rubber bands for a few rounds of zero-point. It's a great way to show the kids how daddy and mummy amused themselves in the era before smartphones and the Internet came along!

2. Munch your way through old-school snacks

If your little ones love trying out new food, he or she might be thrilled to sample popular snacks Papa and Mama ate during recess back in those days. Set up a mini tuckshop and introduce the kids to the delicious delights of Haw Flakes, Mamee Noodles, crispy flat Biscuit Wafers, Popping Candy and Ice Gem biscuits. At the end of the yummylicious snack-fest, get them to vote for their favourites and reveal your own!

3. Picnic by the beach (and build sandcastles)

A day out at the beach is an excursion idea that will never get outdated. Kids and adults alike love the combination of sun, sand and surf that a beach trip promises. Pack as fancy – or as simple – a picnic as you want, and have a feast fit for a family. After food, wade into the water with the kids to catch the waves or build grand sandcastles. Sometimes, the best moments in life are the simple joys found in ordinary outings!

4. Discover new playgrounds

Playgrounds of yesteryears may have simpler set-ups, consisting mainly of slides, swings and see-saws. Yet many of us still have fond memories of our favourite playgrounds. Help your kids create lasting memories of playground fun by turning it into a fab family activity for Children’s Day!

Make it extra special by checking out playgrounds you’ve never been to before, even if it means travelling halfway across the island. Some of Singapore’s newer playgrounds are so imaginatively designed that they are almost destinations in themselves! Do remember to bring your sunscreens and sanitisers to keep safe while having fun.