Are you going hoarse trying to convince the kids to put their phones away for meals and bedtime? Good news is that with some boundaries in place, screen time comes with benefits, like helping your children develop social skills, and enabling you to build relationships with them.

Browse the Families for Life resources available for parents and grandparents alike—and try some of these ways to use technology to bring the family closer:

1. Watch movies or TV together

Imagine—if everyone at home has a subscription to a different platform, you’ll have a wealth of shows from Netflix, Disney+, to Amazon Prime, Viu and more at your fingertips! As they say, sharing is caring! Make use of it by watching a different programme together once a week or month. You could also take turns to recommend a new show for the family to indulge in together, so you can all learn about each other’s interests as well!

2. Learn something new as a family

From yoga to coding, there’s almost nothing you can’t find a tutorial for on the internet now. Put this access to information to good use and start learning something new with your family. Try Duolingo to pick up a new language, or simply travel around the globe for adventures on Google Earth and find out about new cultures—when it comes to learning something new, the (virtual) world truly is your family’s oyster!

3. Set up a family social media network

Make social media work for your family! Set up a shared account to document cooking adventures, family holidays, or even the day-to-day behaviours of the family pet. Everyone in the family can contribute content and it's perfect for those living far away to stay connected with what those at home are up to. You can also use the opportunity to introduce the younger ones to social media, and include lessons to keep them safe online!

4. Tap into the kids’ expertise

Not sure the best apps for organising tasks or scheduling meetings? Or perhaps you’re confused about deciding on which games or social media platforms to try? Ask the young ones in the family to help you figure it out! Letting them take the lead here goes beyond getting things done—it makes them feel helpful, provides an avenue for you to connect with them, and perhaps most importantly, keeps you in the loop of what apps are trending with their generation.