Dates in the earliest stages of your relationship were exciting, fun, and spontaneous. Dates these days, with all the responsibilities of adulthood such as work and kids, probably look and feel a bit repetitive and uninspired, because let's face it: grabbing an uninterrupted dinner or finding time to watch a new movie together is a win in itself already.

This year, up the fun factor with a double (or even triple) date with your bestie, sibling, or cousin!

You get the best of both worlds this way–quality time with your friend, and quality time with your other half. And double dates have a vastly different dynamic, even helping you learn new things about each other.

Ready to give this a go? Here are 5 double date ideas to try next weekend for double the fun!

1. Soak in some culture at museums

We have no lack of museums here in Singapore, with each one showcasing a unique aspect of our multifaceted culture. Explore some of our well-loved museums on your next double date, soaking in Singapore’s arts, culture, and heritage scenes with gusto. Learn about our unique Peranakan culture at the Peranakan Museum, get in the thick of what’s up and coming in the arts scene at the ArtScience Museum, or take a nostalgic trip down memory lane at the National Museum of Singapore.

2. Dive into gastronomic journeys

When in Singapore, food is always the answer–so make your next double date a culinary exploration. Singapore is undisputedly a food haven; we have a veritable smorgasbord of cuisines available here, to suit literally all tastes and all budgets. With some food experiences, the more people to share, the merrier, because just think of all the different types of food you can order! Hawker centres are a very good idea for double dating, because of the sheer variety of food you can order to share.

3. Sweat it out on outdoor adventures

Grab your pal on a double date outdoors for double the fun and double the sweat! Go on a long nature walk or cycle around Singapore (for inspo, check out these recommended long walking trails), or get the adrenaline flowing with a high speed or high elements adventure. Even a day out at the beach can be more fun as a quartet–think beach volleyball games, water sports, and beach club sharing platters.

4. Go pub crawling

If chilling out with a pint or two of ice cold beers with your significant other is your idea of a great evening out, you’re in luck: we bet many of your friends share the same sentiment. Heading out for an evening of pub crawling with a fun-loving couple friend makes for awesome banter, easy company, and a wonderful excuse to hit the trendiest pubs and bars in town! The relaxed atmosphere of such a date would also help you rediscover the heady vibes of your relationship in its early honeymoon stage.

5. Work together to get out from a thrilling Escape Room

Escape rooms are best enjoyed with a slightly bigger party of 4 or even 6, so make it a double (or triple) date with friends, siblings, or cousins! Having to work closely together to solve puzzles to get out of the escape room is a great opportunity for you to bond even more closely with your partner and rediscover your respect for him or her.