If you’ve ever planned a long road trip with your kids or anticipated boarding a long flight you’ve probably worried about how you could keep your kids engaged and happy for the many long hours in which they will need to stay confined in their seats. Here’s our list of the best ways to keep your kids entertained on a long trip.

1. Bring Activity Oriented Toys

The solution to your worries surprisingly, lies not in the use of high-tech toys like ipads and tablets, and videos; but in hands-on activity oriented toys. In a 2014 study by Professor Robert Winston in conjunction with British Airways, children were given different types of toys to play with on a flight. Each child was observed and toys which occupied them for the longest amount of time were ranked. The top 2 toys? Play-Doh and Looms. 

2. Present New Toys At Intervals

Bring along several toys which you think will engage your kids. Wrap them up in packages and give them to them at regular intervals. Doing so will make the trip appear shorter and allow them to enjoy the novelty of each toy. They are also more likely to play fully with each set of toys before moving on to a new one. 

3. Bring Games

Bring along toys such as board games, card games or even just play word games. Getting your kids to play a game together increases the level of engagement and interaction. 

4. Make A Vacation Book

Before the holiday begins get your kids to do some research about the place you are going to. Print or cut out pictures of the places you will go to and if your kids are old enough, get them a guide book too. Bring along scrap booking materials and get them to create a vacation book to be filled in with everyone’s thoughts and impressions whilst on holiday

5. Let Them Be Your Photographers

Give your kids a simple digital camera or an older smart phone with camera and video functions. They will have endless fun taking pictures and videos all through the trip.