Sitting down to read a children’s book together can be a simple and joyful way for grandparents to bond with their grandchildren. Even a few minutes of reading a book out loud will give both a chance to wind down after a hectic day and connect with each other over language, stories and some snuggles.  

Here are 5 grandparents-themed book recommendations to get you started with!

1. How to Babysit a Grandpa by Jean Reagan

A funny and heartwarming book with a playful twist, this book gives kids ideas on how to spend a fun-filled day with grandpa. From what to eat for snack (ice cream topped with cookies), what to do on a walk (look out for puddles) and what to play with grandpa (build a pirate cave). Psst, there’s also a “How to Babysit a Grandma” version by the same author.

2. The Hello, Goodbye Window by N. Juster and C. Raschka

The window in Grandma and Grandpa’s kitchen is no ordinary window – it’s the place where love and magic happens. It’s where the main character and her doting grandparents watch stars, play games and most importantly, say hello and goodbye. A touching and wonderful story of how everyone in the family loves each other very much.

3. 周爷爷童诗选 Grandpa Zhou's Poems for Kids by Zhou Can

A beautiful collection of local poems for kids, featuring some of Zhou Can’s best works such as 池塘里的声音 Sounds in the Pond, 蝴蝶和胡姬花 The Butterfly and the Orchid and 阳光 Sunlight. Written in conversational Mandarin, the book invites readers to conjure familiar images of nature, family life and the sights and sounds of Singapore.

4. Payung Datuk Adil by Rilla Melati Bahari

A cute and heartwarming set-in-Singapore story of a grandfather’s magic umbrella, written in Malay. Follow Adil and his adorable grandpa as they go on a little outing together, with grandpa’s trusty red and white umbrella in tow. Discover together how the multi-purpose umbrella helps the pair overcome minor obstacles while on their adventure.

5. Paati Veedu (Grandma’s House) by Vanitha Veerasamy

A colourful boardbook written in Tamil, about a girl and the time she spends at her grandmother’s place every weekend. What are her favourite things to do there? Who does she enjoy spending time with? This simple story is a reflection of the author’s own childhood memories and depicts the joy of having grandparents to cherish.