A strong and supportive marriage is one of the most fulfilling relationships in life. Building a happy and healthy marriage takes time and effort, but the rewards are many years of love, passion and companionship.

Keep the flame burning by making it a point to say these 5 simple things to your spouse daily.

1.  “You are perfect.”

Letting your spouse know that they are perfect just the way they are and that you will always love them as they are is very important for a loving relationship. It maintains a sense of comfort and intimacy, and it also makes your spouse feel safe and secure in the marriage.

 2.  “Thank you.”

According to relationship coach Toni Coleman, gratitude is something that every person needs and seeks from their partners. By appreciating the role your spouse plays in your everyday life and all he or she continues to do for you, they will feel recognised and valued. 

 3.  “I support you.”

Reassuring your spouse that you are always there to support them goes a long way in building a strong relationship through the good and the bad. It reminds them that they can always trust you and count on you for help when they find themselves in difficult situations. No matter what the situation is, your spouse will appreciate your encouragement without he or she asking for it. 

4. “How was your day?”

Even though you may already be familiar with the routines and schedules in each others’ lives, asking your spouse about their day shows how much you care even in the little things. Use this simple question as a way to jump into more intimate discussions about his or her day. 

5. “Goodnight.”

Whether your spouse is next to you or travelling, a simple goodnight wish will remind your spouse that you are always thinking of him or her. When you find yourselves in an argument,  a simple wish ensures that you end the day on a positive note — putting the disagreements momentarily aside. Doing so shows your spouse that, regardless of the fight, you will always love and care for your spouse.

Good communication is key in any relationship. While you may feel awkward trying these tips at first, they will help you communicate better for a healthy relationship. Be sure to keep the conversation, commitment and affection flowing!