There’s loads to enjoy about an excursion in nature—the sunshine, fresh air and space for the little ones to skip along and expend their boundless energy. While most hiking trails in Singapore cater to visitors of various ages and fitness levels, we all know the youngest among us will need special consideration.

We suss out a few family-friendly hiking trails with terrain that is manageable for the entire brood, and that are close to modern conveniences and beautiful to boot! (Before heading off, do remember to keep any food items safely kept in your bags and remind the children not to feed any animals spotted along the way.)

1) Dairy Farm Nature Park

This is no longer a dairy farm but a multi-trail park for hiking and biking. The highlight of this park is the Wallace Education Centre, which is housed in a former cow shed. The centre is an education gallery for you and your family to learn about the region’s biogeography and biodiversity. Besides the trails, you can also find a community nursery here, with endangered native plants nurtured by volunteers.

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2) Hindhede Nature Park

The easy footpaths in this park are perfect for a multi-generational day out. Here, you can soak in the view of Hindhede Quarry and try to spot critters like the banded woodpecker and plaintain squirrel. Active children will also get to flex their fitness at adventurous play areas within the park.

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3) MacRitchie Nature Trail

Most of us would associate the famous MacRitchie area with cross-country school runs. Today, many outdoor enthusiasts hit up MacRitchie for its 250-metre Treetop Walk and the 11km nature MacRitchie Trails where you can spot monkeys, squirrels and monitor lizards. This isn’t the easiest trail on this list but warrants a mention for its scale. Older children will delight in getting a bird’s eye view of the forest and try to spot the different bird species on the trail—more than 100 have been observed from the TreeTop Walk to date. If you prefer a shorter and more leisurely trek, there are multiple routes to choose from, the shortest being just 3km long.

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4) Tampines Eco Green

Just a skip and hop away from the shopping malls at Tampines Central, you will find Tampines Eco Green. This rustic park boasts flat trails that can be managed by toddlers and the elderly alike. Here, you can spot different birds, butterflies, dragonflies and resident chickens on any given day.

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5) Coney Island Park

If you have been wanting to teach your children about environmental sustainability, Coney Island is a great place to take them to visit. The rustic environment features various energy- and water-saving initiatives, and its signages and benches and boardwalk are made using timber from uprooted Casuarina trees. You can also opt for guided walks that are conducted on selected Saturday mornings in certain months.

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