Looking for places to spend your Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers? This year, around 23,000 merchants have signed up for the scheme. That’s almost twice the number in 2021—which means more choice of places to try, no matter which part of the island you frequent!

And if you didn’t know yet, you can use CDC vouchers on more than just hawker stores and the supermarket! Here are some ideas for you and the family to spend them having fun and building strong bonds.

1. Pamper yourselves

Had a tough week at work or school? Wind down by indulging in a manicure, hair wash or facial with your loved ones. From Beauty Base and Nails Actually in the west to Hair by Common Studio in the centre and Ozio Spa in the east, there are plenty of beauty places to treat yourself and the rest of the family to some self-care!

2. Learn a new skill

Bring the family together to learn a new skill with your CDC vouchers. Pick up the ukulele at Ukelele Movement, try your hand at flower jamming with Flowers by Sadha, or master the art of making cakes at Bakers Brew (Sembawang outlet)—options abound!

3. Make a scrapbook for good memories

Before camera phones and the introduction of platforms like Instagram and TikTok, you’d actually need to head down to a shop to get your pictures printed. Remember the excitement of waiting and the feeling of relief when your shots turned out well? Relive those good ‘ol days snapping shots to be printed —courtesy of your CDC vouchers—at shops like Novel Photo & Communication or Apex Photo. Then sit down as a family and start scrapbooking the best ones for a fun family craft day!

4. Have a durian party

Durian lovers rejoice! A quick search of the word “durian” on the CDC Vouchers Go Where webpage shows a wide range of durian shops from Jurong all the way to Bedok—so grab the family and get ready for a durian party. Who knows, it might even taste sweeter knowing that you didn’t need to fork out your own cash for this treat!

5. Visit a cat café

Cat cafes have been growing in popularity, so if someone at home has been dying to check one out, let this be your cue! Now, you can pay with CDC vouchers at the Cat Cafe! Swing by for a pawsome good time cuddling with its furry residents, But do note that the Cat Café has two branches, and only the Rail Mall outlet accepts the vouchers.