Fulfilling, rewarding, exhausting, challenging, inspiring–and lonely–are some of the words parents today use to describe parenthood. Indeed, parenthood can feel lonely sometimes, when we’re sucked into the flurry of everyday routines, and we feel like we’re doing it all alone.

What if you found people who are on the same parenting journey as you? Who would agree with you when you say “I can’t wait for bedtime!” or reassured you that you’re not going crazy after repeating the same instructions for the umpteenth time in just two hours?

The good news is that there are definitely communities like these that you can join, so you can connect with other parents who may be feeling the same things as you. In these groups, you can share your experiences with each other, discover resources and learn new tips, find moral support, and even make new friends in the process.

Here are 5 different parenting groups or activities you can consider joining to find your parenting tribe and get your vibe back.

1. School-based parent volunteer groups

Parents who volunteer together stick together? Well, turns out that the answer is yes–school-based parent volunteer groups, known colloquially as Parent Support Groups (PSGs) in our primary schools, are a great way to connect with fellow parents of your child’s schoolmates. Many such groups have opportunities for parents to help out in the school in various capacities, from recess duties to ad-hoc occasions like Chinese New Year, Teachers’ Day, or National Day, or as traffic safety wardens. You can find these groups on the school’s websites, or by asking the form teacher.

2. Neighbourhood parent communities

It’s true, sometimes, proximity helps. Link up with parents in the neighbourhood at grassroots’ parents groups and activities. You can look up the People’s Association directory to register and join Parent Interest Groups based in Community Clubs, where mums or dads who live around the area will meet and share about their parenting experiences, or go on fun outings together with their children. Playground chats with fellow parents are also a great way to get to know young families around the area.

3. Online parenting groups

Modern parents are a plugged in bunch, with many of us spending a lot of our time on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Facebook has a plethora of groups that you can join, from general groups for parents from all walks of life, parents with similar parenting philosophies, or children born in the same year (or even month!) These groups are home to parents who are ever-ready to dispense advice, share experiences and resources, encourage each other, and offer other perspectives.

4. Telegram or WhatsApp group chats

WhatsApp group chats or Telegram channels are the platforms of choice for many millennial parents to stay up-to-date with the latest happenings for specific events (think baby fairs, exclusive shopping deals, family events happening over the weekend). Some parents take this a step further by forming parenting groups on these chat platforms, to facilitate deeper relationships and even meeting in-real-life. You’ll definitely want to bookmark Families for Life’s list of Telegram groups for parents based on where they live, which are safe spaces for parents to share tips, resources, ideas, and experiences with each other.

5. Parenting workshops or classes

Attend parenting workshops or classes and meet other parents who share the same parenting philosophy or struggles as you. It’s like killing two birds with one stone–you benefit from what you’ve learnt at the programme, and get to know other parents too. The options for such classes are virtually unlimited; there are all sorts of classes every weekend, by private, government, and non-profit organisations alike. For instance, Families for Life holds comprehensive parenting programmes and seminars such as the Positive Parenting Programme, to teach parents how they can be their children’s biggest support while growing up.