Sustainability is everybody’s business! Global warming and climate change have disastrous impacts on people across the world, and island-states like Singapore can be some of the worst hit.

The good news is that every little bit you do can make a difference in the war against climate change. Plus, sustainability can actually be fun for the family! Here are five ways you can start cultivating some sustainable habits at home:

#1 Educate the family about sustainability

Help everyone at home understand the importance of sustainability through documentaries addressing climate change and other environmental issues. Notable ones include A Plastic Ocean , Chasing Coral and David Attenborough’s A Life On Our Planet . No matter what you choose, these shows are a great way to gain an understanding about what’s affecting the earth and start conversations on what the family can do about it.

#2 Use fuel-free transport

You might have heard how it’s more eco-friendly to take public transport than use a car. Let’s take it a step further and where possible, choose to walk or cycle instead! Getting around on foot or bicycle is only going to get easier over the years with the government’s plans to increase the number of active mobility corridors across the island. Plus, the benefits of this go beyond just cutting your carbon footprint—it’s also great for your health .

#3 Set up a dedicated recycling corner

Did you know that only 13 per cent of Singapore’s domestic waste was recycled in 2021? You can change! Encourage the family to recycle by setting up a designed recycling corner at home. Place a recycling box or bucket next to the bin and add a note reminding family members to separate their trash for recycling when they want to throw something away. Do note though, that not everything can be recycled , so while you’re doing this, also take the time to educate the family on how to recycle right!

#4 Minimise single-use plastics

There are so many ways you can reduce the use of plastic in your life: Carry a tote bag out shopping, invest in water bottles and coffee cups, and bring your own lunch boxes, metal straws, and cutlery when you dine out! If being so eco-friendly seems daunting, start small by using just one or two of these items for a start, and slowly add on more items as you get used to it.

#5 Support eco-friendly spaces and activities

Being sustainable doesn’t need to be boring! Teach the family about sustainability through fun activities like an intertidal walk along Singapore’s shores. And if nature walks aren’t quite your cup of tea, then why not visit eco-friendly spaces like Gardens By The Bay, dine at sustainability-minded restaurants or have a staycation at Green Mark certified hotels like PARKROYAL on Pickering —anything that helps you introduce sustainability concepts to the family, and shows support for the fight against climate change!