You met, sparks flew and your relationship has been going from strength to strength ever since. Even being apart during the Covid-19 pandemic was just a bump along the way. Marriage seems to be the natural next step, but how do you know you are really ready?

In Singapore, marriage aspirations remain strong. A 2016 survey found that 83% of singles aged 21 to 36 hope to eventually get hitched. However, couples are taking longer to tie the knot, with men marrying at a median age of 30 and women at 29.

Marriage is a big commitment and timing is key. Here are 5 signs to look out for:

1. You share similar values

Shared values are the glue that keeps a relationship together. They could range from having similar outlooks in family, career, money or even preferred lifestyle. But holding differing views doesn’t mean that things are not going to work out, so long as you respect each other and are open to compromise.

Are you a carefree spender and your bae a mighty saver? If both agree to discuss and get the other’s blessing before splurging on big ticket items, that puts a big tick on the relationship checklist!

2. You trust each other

Like shared values, mutual trust is the foundation of a strong relationship. Marriage is a life-long partnership, so it’s important to always have each other’s back in your journey through life together.

You know he’s the right one when he speaks up for and supports you when others question your decision to leave a safe, well-paying job you’re unhappy in to pursue your passion.

3. Your family and friends like your other half

Nobody knows you better than the people you grew up with. Your friends and family are usually the ones who know you inside out, and they can recognise a good fit for you when they see one. So, when they give you their stamp of approval, you know your partner is the real deal.

Having your favourite folks’ endorsement also contributes to a happy and harmonious marriage. As the saying goes—when you marry someone, you also marry the entire family.

4. You envision a future together

Couples can have different dreams and goals, but if both share a common vision of your future together, that’s a big plus! While certain big life decisions—like whether to have kids—may be deal breakers, there are many more in between that are open to compromise.

If you want to travel the world but he’s contented staying home with the kids, it’s perfectly possible to fit in both dreams at different stages of your lives (or to bring junior along while you fulfill your wanderlust!)

5. You are financially ready

There may never be a best time to get married, but one good indicator is financial stability. If you have a job you love and a steady pay cheque that covers your needs, there’s no need to wait till you own your own apartment or a fat bank account to tie the knot. These are financial goals you can undertake as a couple as you embark on married life together. Learn how to manage your money together to build a strong foundation for your marriage.

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