Celebrating the grandparents in your life need not be something you get stressed out about. You can show your love and care for your grandmother and grandfather in many creative ways. Take a look at some of these ideas for a fresh way to celebrate and show your appreciation for the grandparents in your life!

1. Have a “Grand” party

How about a party to celebrate your grandparents? It can be a tea party for grandma featuring local sweet and savoury snacks, giving invited family and friends a chance to chat and celebrate your Gran!  Or throw a bash based on a theme close to your grandparents' heart. A retro party theme based on the swinging 60’s will hold special meaning for your grandparents if they grew up and got married then. Decorate with disco balls, play music from that time, and encourage guests to dress in the 60’s style.

 Or go cultural with a heritage theme, where everyone comes dressed in traditional costumes – whether it is the baju kurung, cheongsam, sarong kebaya, or sari. You can also provide music, food and décor based on that theme to make it even more fun!

2. Plan a fantastic outing

Plan an excursion and take your grandparents out for an adventure at some of Singapore’s top attractions. Visit the enthralling Gardens by the Bay, and the beautiful National Orchid Garden, or drop by one of Singapore’s many fascinating museums. A visit to the wondrous wildlife at the Singapore Zoo, Bird Paradise or River Safari will surely keep all in the family, whether young or young-at-heart, captivated. 

Another fun idea is to join the family picnic with crafts for the children at Families For Life’s annual Celebrating Our Grands on Saturday, 7 October 2023!  

3. Put up a performance

An idea is to put up a performance your grandparents will remember. The sight of their grandchildren singing a song specially dedicated for grandma or grandpa, will undoubtedly be a heart-warming and lovely experience! Or get all the grandchildren or cousins together to record a song if you don’t stay near your grandparents. The recording will be one the proud grandparents will savour and likely keep replaying.

4. Surprise them with gifts

If your grandparents stay far away, how about gifting them a cake or a bouquet that will brighten their day? Other gift ideas include a photobook made up of old family photos. Or you could make a montage of family photos that are put into a large photo frame. The gifts will surely warm their hearts and lessen that distance between you and them.

5. Deliver a meal 

If you know your grandparents’ favourite food, you could involve the children in planning, preparing and serving a meal. The meal can be family favourites or recreate some of the heritage recipes like fish masala, ayam buah keluak, laksa, or gado gado. Invite the family over for the feast or deliver it to your grandparents. These nostalgic dishes will satisfy your grands' tummies and bring back many happy memories.