Wedded for years and things are getting stale? While some of that original spark can fade over time, with a little intentional effort, keeping things fresh can be an outcome for any long-term relationship. Here are a few simple tips to help you keep the romance rolling.

1. Have a date night

It may seem strange to take your spouse on a date, but courting can be a great way to rekindle your feelings for each other. Go for a movie, have dinner, take a walk under the moonlight or visit a theme park. The possibilities are only constrained by what both of you would enjoy, and now you can go home as late as you want! Take an interesting class, have deep conversations, and most importantly make sure you both have fun. So bust out those fancy shoes and head out, because date night is where it’s at!


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2. Live and laugh together

They say laughter is the best medicine and relationships are certainly no exception. We don’t mean you should be guffawing all the time, but you’ll find that a little joy every day can go a long way to connect you and your spouse. Find things you both enjoy doing, and take the time to do those things together – be it dancing or playing a particular sport. Find ways to engage with one another in day-to-day life which make you both smile, it could be a kiss on the cheek every morning or using pet names for each other. Most of all, try not to get stuck in the routine and monotony that marriage can bring. Instead, make an effort to see your spouse as an exciting and unique individual, and as a great and special friend. Of course a joke or two can’t hurt either!

3. Practice listening

Of all the ways you can keep yourself from becoming disconnected from your spouse, practicing listening is probably the best. Take a genuine interest in them and their beliefs, their likes and dislikes, and who they are as a person. And don’t be afraid to share those things about yourself! Make asking about their day a habit, try to talk less and listen more, and always be open to talking about problems or concerns either of you have. Most importantly, always be there for your partner emotionally and let them feel that you’re there for them. That trust can make all the difference!

4. Pursue your hobbies and interests

As novel as it may sound, pursuing your interests can be a good way to keep the romance in your relationship. The key is to not let the relationship become your entire life and identity, which can lead to burnout. Interests can also give you something to talk about and provide an additional dimension to your identity that can bring energy to the relationship. Just don’t get too lost in your hobby and forget about your partner! Everything in moderation is the golden rule.

5. Get some help

Keep the fire going can be one of the many challenges a marriage can face, so if you would like a little guidance, why not check out a marriage programme? Even love can use a helping hand sometimes. If you are looking for more ideas to keep up the romance, why not give these ideas a try?