Traveling together as a couple can be incredibly exciting- seeing the world, relaxing and spending quality time with your partner are wonderful ways to deepen your bonds and make new memories. But when you suddenly spend 24 hours a day for a week or more with your partner without break, your once tranquil relationship may be suddenly filled with arguments over topics you’ve never anticipated. Here are 5 tips to know before traveling with your partner to make it through your holiday without wanting to call it quits.

1. Expect The Unexpected

You may have been daydreaming this trip to be a perfectly dreamy and romantic escapade- all in your head. It’s important however, to not get overly idealistic on how the trip will turn out. Traveling often involves some degree of unexpectedness, whether it be a delay or an unpleasant situation, which can be stressful for both you and your partner. Just because something unexpected crops up or someone gets a tad too snappy doesn’t mean your relationship and holiday are both utterly ruined.

2. Talk About Finances

It is important to agree on a budget before the trip to avoid disputes. This is especially so if one party has a lower budget than the other and prefers to stay in a shared hostel instead of a comfortable 4-star hotel. Develop a system to keep track of your daily spending or a have shared pool of funds if that’s what you prefer. An honest conversation will manage your expectations and nip any resentment that may result if one party feels like the one constantly footing the bill.

3. Plan And Compromise

Travelling involves a high degree of planning, and it’s definitely a good idea for starters to discuss and agree on the budget and the type of activities you’ll be doing on the trip. Everyone has different travel styles and interests, so don’t assume that your partner will want to see and do the same things as you do. The best scenario will be that you and your partner are both looking forward to mutual highlights during the trip. But if not, compromise and give each other something to look forward to by taking turns doing whatever the other wishes.

4. Don’t Play The Blame Game

Whether your partner made a wrong turn and you’re now both hopelessly lost or you forgot to charge the camera battery, it’s easy to point fingers when things go wrong. Instead of getting angry and then sulking throughout the day, try to control your temper and refrain from making them feel bad. Understand that the frustration that arises when things go wrong when combined with travel fatigue can bring out the worst in anyone. See this instead as an opportunity to work on your communication and problem-solving skills as a team. Or perhaps something to look back and laugh at.

5. Remember What’s Important

Whether you planned a trip to spend quality time together or try something new, just remember to enjoy each other’s company. Move out of your comfort zone and see the world through their eyes. Ditch your devices and share your dreams for the future. The feeling of bondedness and wonderful moments shared will be a fond memory in years to come. Seeing your partner enjoying themselves and knowing your company’s the reason for the smile on their faces can be a great feeling, But the best part about going on a trip with your partner? Getting to see a side of them you so intimately know; their likes and dislikes, habits and quirks and ending up falling in love with them all over again.