Did you know that by 2030, one in five people will be over the age of 65? No better way to age well than by spending your silver years trying new things! Here are some things you can do to embrace active ageing and live life to the fullest!

#1 Embrace lifelong learning

Always wanted to learn to paint? Dance? Or grow your own greens? It’s never too late to start! Look into senior-friendly courses covering everything from health and wellness, to IT and science. Besides picking up a new skill or hobby, these courses are a great way to get to know like-minded folk! And as plus, courses are subsidised, making it affordable for you to explore to your hearts content.

#2 Ride the digital wave

Why wait for your grandkids to teach you how to use Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp? Swing by an SG Digital community hub for one-on-one guidance on the apps you are interested in. Alternatively, look into the IMDA’s senior-friendly starter kits online and learn at your own time. Besides supporting active ageing and making life more convenient, these digital skills are a great way to connect with loved ones and stay in the know about their daily lives.

#3 Keep fit

We get it—you’ve not hit the gym in years and your joints are no longer what they used to be. But there are still plenty of activities you can do in your silver years to get your heart pumping and muscles moving! Ease yourself into active ageing with low-impact activities like tachi, pilates, and for the nature-loving ones, an easy hike—such as along the boardwalks of Macritchie Reservoir or through Hindhede Nature Park. You can even use these walks as a chance to build your skills in bird identification and nature photography, then impress your family when you lead them through your favourite trails during your next family outing!

#4 Volunteer your services

Volunteering is a chance for you to share your experience, knowledge and skills—and can bring health benefits! Look into organisations that need senior volunteers, or simply volunteer to help out with your grandkids at home. Unsure how to grandparent well? Check out Families for Life resources about grandparenting for help!

#5 Travel the world

The best part about being in your silver years is that you have all the time in the world to do what you want. Take advantage of this to explore the world! Start with short trips around the region, before trying more exotic locations. And if planning a whole holiday seems too daunting, consider signing up with a tour group, or taking a cruise. These are great ways to socialise while you see the world!