Mums hold a special place in our lives, and showing them how much we care is always a worthy endeavour. While a store-bought present is always appreciated, a gift from the heart and hands of the little ones will mean so much more. Your children may want to express their love in more personal ways, but words can be tricky, especially for the younger ones. Here's where crafting comes in – it allows them to show their appreciation in a way that's meaningful and within their capabilities. Plus, it's a healthy way to keep them busy while creating lasting memories through the unique experience of crafting together.

Here are 5 quick ideas for Dad and the kids to work on together to express their love and admiration for Mum!

1. A Handmade Card

Starting with something simple for the little ones, a handmade card with a heartfelt message will always be appreciated! Grab some craft paper and colourful markers and work on a sweet message to tell mummy what you love about her.

For a more creative card, try making this Heart Pop Up Card!

2. Paper Flowers

Instead of getting store-bought flowers, try making some pretty paper flowers with the kids! Follow this quick tutorial by
Red Ted Art for flowers that you can use on your cards, for decorations or just give it to mum as it is for a sweet gift. The good thing about this one is that any combination of coloured paper can be used, so the creative possibilities are endless!

3. Pressed Flower/Leaf Art

For flowers you don’t have to create from scratch, try pressing dried flowers or leaves that you can easily collect outdoors! Take this opportunity to plan a day out with the kids by taking them to the park where nature is abundant. Pick any pretty flowers or leaves that have fallen and avoid plucking them to preserve our natural environment. Once the kids are done gathering their favourite botanics, bring them home and put them in a ziplock bag  and between a heavy book for 8-10 days. Soon, you’ll have some pressed flowers that you can stick in a card or photo frame for mum!

4. Origami Heart

For another easy craft idea you can make at home, check out this
quick tutorial for paper hearts! These make a lovely gift that can be placed anywhere like mum’s office to remind her of the children’s love for her. Make hearts of different colours and sizes to exercise the kids’ creativity!

5. Breakfast in Bed

No time for a crafty project? Whipping up breakfast for mummy is a quick way to show her that you care! Scrambled eggs, pancakes with fresh fruit, and a cup of coffee, tea, or juice are cafe-level brunches that you can easily make with the children. Get busy in the kitchen and take this opportunity to show the kids some simple cooking methods and teach them how to handle food safely!