Teachers do so much for our children on a daily basis, and they do their jobs out of love and passion. While we ought to remember to appreciate our teachers everyday, Teachers’ Day is a pretty good occasion to really make an effort to thank the wonderful people who teach, nurture, counsel and act as good role models for our children.

Ask any teacher and he or she will probably tell you not to give anything too extravagant. After all, it's not about how showy or loud the material presents are but rather the sentiment behind them that really matters.

Here are five ways to say a sincere thank you to the wonderful educators in your child's life.

1. Make personalised cards

Giving teachers personal cards never gets old. Get creative with decorating the cards but remember that the main point of the cards are the heartfelt messages of thanks written inside. Many teachers choose to keep cards from their students for years and years, drawing strength from the messages in their teaching journey.

2. Decorate the classroom

If your child is in preschool, you could ask the principal if you could decorate the classroom for your child's teachers as a surprise. This would surely put a smile on the teachers' faces! If your child is in primary or secondary school, suggest to him or her to make this a class project to surprise their teachers. Hang up some colourful balloons and decorations, print out some snaps of good memories with the teachers and display them in class, to celebrate your teachers and thank them for all they have done.

3. Create a short video

How about a vibrant and animated thank you message that teachers can look at on their phones, wherever they go? Simply gather digital photos and videos of moments that the teachers share with your child in school and use an app to collage them together into a short video clip (even social media apps like Instagram and TikTok will do this very well!)

4. Prepare meaningful gifts

Skip the expensive gifts, your child’s teachers don’t need those to feel appreciated. Instead, opt for cosy gifts that will remind the teacher of your child. Personalised cups, bottles, notebooks or stationery are great options. For a bonding activity with your child, you can also make the gifts together–handmade bouquets, crocheted plushies, handmade jewellery, crafted art works–all these don’t cost an arm and a leg but they will certainly be made with a lot of love.

5. Send yummy edibles

Food is always a winner! If you or your child are talented in the kitchen, whip up a batch of yummy home bakes for the treasured teachers to show your thanks. Be sure to practise good hygiene while in the kitchen, washing your hands properly and wearing a mask so as not to contaminate the food! If culinary activities aren’t your forte, not to worry, there are also many stores these days that deliver goodies straight to the school staffroom for all the teachers to share!