Dads may have different ways of showing love than mums, but they care just as much—and enjoy receiving affection from the people he loves the most in the whole world.With Father’s Day coming up, here are some ways we can return that love and show him how special he really is.

Gather his favourite things and activities

Let him know you notice the details by designing the day all around him. Know how he likes his coffee and where his favourite carrot cake stall is? Set the alarm and get out to buy him breakfast before he gets up. Is Dad a cycling enthusiast? Organise a family bike ride. Is he an avid home cook? Stock up the fridge with enough ingredients for him to whip up a feast (that you will make sure to finish).

Bond over games

There’s nothing like a fun competition to get the laughs started. Whether it’s a simple boardgame like Monopoly, Jenga or Dad’s favourite video game, the activity will remind everyone just how much fun the family can have together at home.

Do his share of the chores

Is Sunday usually toilet-washing day? Or when Dad does the laundry or iron the clothes? Take the initiative to do some (or all) of it to give him some relief.

Get curious about his life

On regular days at home, Dad focuses most of his attention on the children, their likes and dislikes, triumphs and struggles. For this weekend, you can break the routine by asking Dad how he’s feeling about work, what you can do to support him on stressful days, what life was like when he was a young boy and what he loves most about this family. Anything goes in a heart-to-heart conversation.

Make a card

A hand-drawn card or hand-written letter is a fail-safe. It’s a creative project so make your design as loud as you like or muted as Dad prefers, and don’t worry about laying on the love thickly. Tell him all the ways he rocks as a father and insert as many smileys as you’d like. You can be sure a heartfelt creation will tease a smile out of Dad and find a prominent spot on the refrigerator door for the rest of this year.