While big family gatherings may seem a distant memory, it may not always be easy to visit Grandpa and Grandma with the social distancing rules. However, we can still show them our love and care in other special ways.

The Coronavirus restrictions have been especially challenging for seniors. They have seen their social activities come to a stop and been confined to their homes for days or weeks without going out.

1. Be available

We may be physically distancing, but it doesn't mean we have to be socially disconnected from our loved ones. Social isolation can have unhealthy mental and physical effects. Reach out to the Grands through regular phone or video calls. Calling them does not have to mean a 2-hour conversation – it is more about checking in on them and showing them that you care. You can also schedule regular visits in small groups. Listen to them and give them any support that they need.

2. Run errands for them

With the seniors being more vulnerable to the coronavirus, they should ideally avoid going out as much as possible. When they run low on fresh fruit and vegetables or need to replenish their medical supplies, you can lend a hand to shop for groceries at a supermarket or pick up medical supplies. Offering to run errands would be a practical way of showing the Grands your love.

3. Send over a care package

Putting together a gift basket of Grandma and Grandpa's favourite things can bring a smile to their lips and help relieve some feelings of boredom or stress. Some ideas include:
•           Favourite snacks
•           Beverages like coffee or tea
•           Magazines
•           Family photos

4. Gift a craft item

Turn a fun craft activity into a gift for the Grands! Make an origami craft tulip or heart, and pen a heartfelt message as a gift to your Grands. Other craft gift ideas include making a homemade bouquet of flowers, writing a letter, or putting together a family scrapbook page.  

5. Cook them a meal

Many Grands may opt to stay home instead of dining out with this ongoing Covid-19 situation, but they can still enjoy a delicious meal from the comfort and safety of their home. Tap on meal deliveries to order a meal from their favourite restaurant or fire up the stove and cook up a tasty and nutritious treat for them.